Menny and Philip built our Bellaire home in 2013. They helped us guide the design and selection process to achieve our vision while staying within the constraints of our budget and schedule. Beginning with contract discussions through the date we took occupancy, they worked hard to exceed our expectations each step of the way.

We were impressed with their professionalism and their responsiveness to any issue that arose. We confidently tell our friends that we look forward to building our next home with Bentley!

Although we were among the few fortunate families spared by Harvey, following the floods, Menny visited our home with a moisture gauge and flashlight to personally inspect our crawlspace to confirm that there were no moisture problems that may have otherwise gone undetected. Fortunately, there were none, but his concern for our home years after we had moved in impressed us yet again.

Throughout the building process we became friends and now share a relationship that I value. This is a group that takes incredible pride in their work and will stand behind their commitment to you for years after your home is built.


Philip Robbins and Bentley Homes were a treat to work with. Philip’s laid-back style made our home-building experience pleasurable instead of stressful. Bentley Homes used premium finishes, materials, and trades, and the end result is a premium product that’s built to last. Nearly 3 years after completion, we get advice from Philip about trades (minor brick repair, fence work) and he is always ready and willing to help. Thank you!


I think Bentley built us the BEST home in Bellaire. I interviewed many custom home builders and chose Philip Robbins and Bentley. We moved into our dream home in March of 2011. I am convinced that there is not a better custom home builder in Houston than Philip Robbins. I would have him build my next home in a heartbeat. Why? He is honest, his integrity is beyond question, he was responsive during the building process AND still is 6 years later, to any concerns I have with our home, and he is a pleasure to work with. A truly exceptional custom home requires the successful collaboration of YOU, your architect and your builder. With Philip, I am confident your outcome will be successful, and the experience will be a pleasure.

Greg S

We built with Bentley in 2016. It was a wonderful experience. Phillip Robbins executed our vision seamlessly. It was our first build experience, so we were nervous about the process, but he was patient and receptive to our ideas. We changed our plan a few times after the architectural stage, and he was flexible in tweaking the design. You pay a premium with Bentley, but the cost is worth it. Phillip and Menny have an eye for detail and strive for perfection. If we build again, it will definitely be with them.


Building with Bentley Homes was a wonderful process. Philip was our lead and he is truly a pleasure to work with — from concept through completion, and beyond! He brought our vision to life and enhanced it with his deep knowledge, creativity and decades of experience. You can tell he loves what he does because he brings the same positive energy to each and every meeting, site visit, etc. We couldn’t love our home more — and we value the relationship we have with the Bentley team.

Allyson Lack

Bentley is a first-class builder, and we really enjoyed working with Philip. In the building process, the key ingredient is trust, and my wife and I trust Philip 100%. Bentley was also responsive to any concerns during the process and addressed them immediately. We are thrilled with our house and would recommend Bentley unequivocally.

Mark Trachtenberg

We had a very positive experience with Bentley Homes and would definitely use this builder again! Philip was attentive and responsive throughout the entire building process and continues to check in with us about our home. Very high-quality builder!!

Stefanie Trachtenberg

Bentley Custom Homes and Philip Robbins were incredible to work with. We were nervous that the experience of building a home would be horrible based on all of the horror stories you hear about certain builders, that was not the case with Bentley. They always delivered on their promises and the home building process was easy and smooth for us. If you are looking to build a custom home, you should call Bentley Custom Homes! Thanks for our great house Philip!

Ron Zach

It took us 10+ years to decide that we would like to build our custom home. After years of walking through new homes and new home showcases, it became clear Philip and Menny were our top choice to build our dream home. Their quality was second to none. We couldn’t believe how seamless they made the building process! Also, and most importantly, they were so good at making sure to respond to any after build punch lists!

Chris Copeland

Philip Robbins and Bentley Homes were a treat to work with. Philip’s laid-back style made our home-building experience pleasurable instead of stressful. Bentley Homes used premium finishes, materials, and trades, and the end result is a premium product that’s built to last. Thank you!

Mark Newman

Menny Rosenbaum of Bentley Custom Homes built our custom home in 2010-2011. He participated in the design process, assisted us in making informed decisions during construction, and he delivered exactly what we wanted ahead of time and slightly under budget. I still call or text Menny periodically to let him know that we continue to enjoy our home with our family and friends.

Menny was transparent throughout the entire process, sharing the on-going project costs and helping us find ways to maximize value within our construction budget. Menny has very good subcontractors – they all seemed to enjoy working on his projects, and they were responsive to address matters as they arose during construction.

Phillip Robbins joined Menny towards the end of our project, and while we didn’t spend as much time with him, we found him to be sincere and focused when we needed to address matters in Menny’s absence.

People often ask if we had difficulty building our house (mainly because there are so many indifferent contractors). I let them know that we truly enjoyed the process and we would absolutely use Bentley if we were to build again.

Walker Barnett